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UnFiNiShEd aNiMaL

UnFiNiShEd aNiMaL is a party and multimedia performance that uses the vibrant aesthetics of queer nightlife culture to reveal how cognitive bias connects us all. This piece tells the story of humanity coming to grips with our collective inheritance, a ramshackle meshwork of cognitive processes evolved to survive, not for self-awareness. An interdisciplinary approach invites the audience to meditate on what might be unfinished about human cognition and how these biases keep us from building a better world together.

This story is told by Nonfatal_Error, a multimedia collective catalyzed by Creative Director MX Oops.

A four-month research trip in 2022 included photo shoots/filming, collaboration, music production, site visits, performances, and ceremony in Hawaii with collaborator Renee Alberts, a residency in Trinidad with the Dance and Performance Institute, a creative residency with TR!GGERED MUSIC at the University of Florida, and at BloomFest Ghana in Accra.

UnFiNiShEd aNiMaL is in development in the Live Feed Residency Program at New York Live Arts toward a spring 2024 premiere. It has been awarded the NPN Creation Fund grant with co-commissioners 651 Arts, the Clarice Smith Center for the Performing Arts, and Dance Place. With additional support provided by The Research Foundation CUNY.

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