Mixed by Mx. Oops



this mixtape series began in 2018. #InMyFeelings was trending. i saw it as a glitch in the matrix of black masculinity worth marinating upon. What happens when men are soft? really soft...receptive...my moon is in Aries and that makes me feel all the feelings. These mixes are me, in my feelings, feelings all the feelings, and probably my most honest work.

My older brother is a DJ and record collector. Over the years, witnessing his dedication to archiving affect, eventually led me to this collection.


*Volumes 1 and 4 were performed live, Volume 3 was released on Abstract Without Abstraction.

**Made using a Traktor Kontrol S2

*** VOL 5 onward include bootlegs made with a Traktor F1 Remix Deck


AW/OA 024: In My Feelings Vol. 3 [mixed by Mx. Oops]


Mx. Oops is a multimedia performance artist living in New York City & teaching in the Music, Multimedia, Theatre, and Dance Department at Lehman College (City University of New York) who has performed across the United States and in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

As an artist their work explores queer mysticism, crude metaphysics, and ecstatic disobedience, though it was through witnessing their older brother DJ while growing up in Pittsburgh, PA (combined with their travels and curiosity about how people show up to party in regions across the globe), that has led them to begin exploring their own DJ practice. In the deepest support of that pursuit, we’re honored to present the third in their series of driving pan-African house & club musics, “In My Feelings Vol. 3”

Released by:

Abstract without Abstraction