Costume & Textile Design

This series of capes, developed for the multimedia performance project, PLASMA, were constructed by hand with: mesh, sequined spandex, silk flowers, chiffon, crystal chain trim, dyed feathers, and synthetic hair.

The cape below, previously performed in by STEFA*, was included in the QUEER FORMS Exhibition, University of Minnesota Art Department. 

PLASMA: Ceremonial Cape 


silk flowers, plastic foliage, chain, faceted beads, feathers, mesh, chiffon


This ornate ceremonial cape was one of several worn by nomadic priestesses. They performed ecstatic nightclub rituals, honoring the Divine Femme. These queer ancestors adorned themselves in flowers as a symbol of gender fluidity. Flowers in nightlife fashion came to represent the spiritual power acquired through inner an outer sublimation of polarity.

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